Decentralized network for transport logistics

Take advantage of

digitisation benefits?


Being dependent on

platform operators?


Fundemantal change in the economy

  • Individualization of products & services
  • Competition through globalisation
  • Larger & more complex supply chains
  • The importance of data is increasing rapidly
  • Number of process partners increases significantly

Change in transport logistics

  • Customer expectations are increasing
  • Higher demands on automation
  • Cost and time pressure continue to rise
  • Relevance of cooperations gains in importance
  • Digitization = decisive competitive factor

COBILITY distributes data and responsibility

COBILITY is the decentralized platform for transport logistics. Using blockchain technology, both data and governance are organized decentrally. For the business processes this means: secure data exchange, guarantee for the authenticity of data as well as process automation. And, unlike centrally organized platforms, users are at the helm when it comes to regulating and controlling the platform.

Innovative data processing through blockchain

Transport logistics in particular is considered predestined to achieve considerable advantages through blockchain technology – especially in the following areas:

  • Secure exchange of data without intermediaries (no gatekeepers)
  • Immutability of information
  • Implementation of autonomous processes through digital identities

Why decentralized governance?

Blockchains are based on distributed network structures. Transaction data is stored securely and unchangeably in a decentralized manner – data virtually becomes facts. The greatest possible security is guaranteed if the so-called governance, i.e. the regulation and control of the system, is decentralized. The responsibility then lies with the users.

This is exactly the basis of COBILITY: You as a participant decide on standards and control of the platform, we support you as a service provider and technical “enabler”. This distinguishes COBILITY from the platforms that use blockchain technology to secure the data, but which tend to provide central control in terms of governance.

How does COBILITY work?

COBILITY is developed and rolled out together with stakeholders from the transport logistics industry.

On the COBILITY platform, standardized “plug&play” usable services are available. Individual services of the participants can be connected via standard interfaces.

The open system, for which the user is responsible, is compatible with the relevant systems of the transport logistics industry.

The main advantages of COBILITY:

  • Sovereign design of digital change through the use of a mature block-chain-based system architecture
  • Built for enterprise requirements (GDPR, privacy, transaction volume...)
  • Award-winning technology for access security and M2M communication
  • Renowned partners with proven expertise in blockchain and transport logistics

The webinar on the right provides further detailed information on COBILITY – the decentralized network for transport logistics. Here you will find the webinar presentation on Slideshare.

Clear focus on four application areas to start with

Together with partners from transport logistics, we would like to define target applications that are to originate from four different application areas.

Furthermore, the future decentralized governance structure of COBILITY is being worked on in all application areas.

Blockchain Mania Meetup Nov 27, 2018

One day before the official kickoff meeting took place in the Digital Hub Logistics in Hamburg Speicherstadt, the popular Blockchain Mania meetup group organised a “COBILITY only” meetup. Host was HK100 – the brand new coworking space of KRAVAG.

The COBILITY initiators gave three talks: Frank Bolten (CHAINSTEP) about the general idea behind the initiative,  Thomas Müller ( and Nick de la Forge about the role the two technology experts have in the development. Finally all three have been interviewed by the Kiriakos and Omri from Blockchain Mania. All four talks are available on the opposite site.

Become a COBILITY Partner

For the establishment of COBILITY, we are looking for partners in transport logistics who:

  • Provide know-how, budgets and manpower
  • define use and business cases together with us
  • work on the COBILITY governance structure with us

COBILITY at the 35th German Logistics Congress

The German Logistics Association (BVL) has asked us to present COBILITY during the Blockchain Session at the 35th German Logistics Congress (DLK) on October 18, 2018 in Berlin.

After an initial presentation on COBILITY, we had the opportunity to discuss the possible applications of blockchain in transport logistics with the two other speakers (Florian Seffert from Imperial and Dirk Slama from Bosch) under the moderation of Prof. Dr. Fritz Henglein from the University of Copenhagen.

The recording of our presentation on COBILITY on the DLK2018 is linked on the left (German language).

The technology concept behind the initiative

The COBILITY network is based on the technology of its participating partners. The serves as the blockchain ecosystem on which decentralized networks and applications can be set up quickly and easily in compliance with data protection regulations. With its technology for IOT connectivity and permission control, XAIN provides a further building block for the implementation of various use cases in logistics.

Both technologies have already been successfully tested in numerous projects and, together with our partners, enable us to quickly set up the first live applications on the COBILITY network. The core technology behind COBILITY is open for the integration of various other technologies from the fields of AI or distributed ledgers.

COBILITY Workshops

During the COBILITY workshops, various working groups will work out the use cases in which the use of blockchain technology can bring added value for as many industry participants as possible. About 50 participants from almost 30 companies, service providers, universities and associations took part in the first two workshops.

The logos of the participating institutions as well as the focused fields of application are shown below.

COBILITY ist a joint initiative of:

COBILITY is supported by:

In cooperation with the working group Blockchain (Prof. Skwarek) of HAW Hamburg.

The community of COBILITY promotors is growing

The idea was born rather by chance – in the meantime, asking who is a COBILITY fan has become a permanent fixture at our events. Here are a few impressions from our last events:

COBILITY interests me.

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