Decentralized network for transport logistics


We* are convinced that in the complex and medium-sized transport logistics market, only an open platform for which users are responsible will achieve a sufficiently broad acceptance.

We see the following three points as a secure foundation for further development in the direction of user interests and sustainability:

  • a consistent open source philosophy
  • the potentials of combining artificial intelligence with blockchain technology in terms of transparency, security and efficiency
  • Governance in the responsibility of users

These were our main considerations when we founded the COBILITY initiative.

* COBILITY is a joint initiative of CHAINSTEP GmbH, evan GmbH and XAIN AG.

Fundamental change in the economy

  • Individualization of products & services
  • Competition through globalization
  • increasing specialization
  • Larger/more complex supply chains

The relevance of cooperation with constantly changing partners is increasing significant. While the importance of data and its exchange is also on the rise.

Change in transport logistics

  • Customer expectations are rising
  • Automation efforts
  • Market concentration progresses
  • Logistics portals are becoming new intermediaries

Challenge: how to take advantage of digitization without having to accept the disadvantages of the platform economy.

Blockchain enables sustainable decentralization

The blockchain helps to meet requirements for data exchange and handling:

  • Secure data exchange without intermediary (no gatekeepers)
  • Immutability of information
  • Implementation of autonomous processes through digital identities


The COBILITY platform provides standardized plug&play services for transport logistics. Individual services of the participants can be connected via standard interfaces.

COBILITY is developed and rolled out together with stakeholders in the industry. The open system for which the users are responsible should be compatible with the relevant systems on the market.

Clear focus on four application areas in the beginning

Together with partners from transport logistics, we want to define target applications that should come from four different application areas. For this purpose, the future decentralized governance structure of COBILITY is being worked on in all application areas.

The main advantages of COBILITY:

  • Sovereign design of digital change by using a mature blockchain-based system architecture
  • Built for business requirements (GDPR, privacy, transaction volume…)
  • Excellent technology for access security and M2M communication
  • Renowned partners with experience in blockchain and transport logistics supported by leading universities and institutes

Requirements for the partners:

To jointly define the first applications in the focused use case areas, we are looking for partners who:

  • providing know-how and manpower
  • develop use and business cases together with us
  • secure their participation and co-determination rights through their early participation
  • handle processes together already today

The technology concept behind the initiative

COBILITY pursues a clearly decentralized and implemented basic concept not only with regard to data, but also with regard to governance. COBILITY offers company-wide confidential exchange and use of data in compliance with legal requirements and the interests of the individual participants. The platform provides standardized services that can be used by participants “plug&play”. Individual offers from participants are connected to the platform via standard interfaces. The platform should be compatible with all major systems on the market in the future.

COBILITY is a joint initiative of:

COBILITY is supported by:

In cooperation with the working group Blockchain (Prof. Skwarek) of HAW Hamburg.

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